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1 Door Edge PACS

System Overview 

1 Door Edge Physical Access Control System

How to Quote

To learn about what to consider and how to quote an Access Control system, please visit: 

Access Control - New System

Access Control - System Takeover

System Use


BluBØX Equipment, Software and Professional Services

Part # Item Description Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
751-1000 1501E-1R/2I/2O Edge Solution - One reader/Two input/Two output system Included 1 $850.00 $850.00

Locks, readers, printers, credentials, exit devices, and labor are not included. 

BluSKY Licenses

Part # Item Description Unit Qty Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
817-0100 Platform* Covers the use of the systems' infrastructure and databases and other basic functionality. Includes the ability for users with proper permissions to release secured portals or floors using a smart phone. (BluREMOTE) Includes Photo-ID and Badge Printing.  per User  Included 100 $5.75 $575
817-1120 Intelligence* Umbrella License: provides features such as rule creation, analytics, and notifications - distribution lists. Includes System Health and Analytics.  % other Licenses Included 1 $252 $252
817-0320 Reader* Channel License for (1) Reader.  Per Reader  Included 1 $160 $160
817-0600 Alarm & Intrusion** Channel License for (1) Alarm Point (such as a door contact, motion detector, or panic button) that is declared in the BluSKY databases.  per Device Included 1 $30 $30

*Required Licenses

**Alarm and Intrusion is not required when there are no door contacts or other such alarm points to monitor. 

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