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Access Control - New System


Access Control - New System

Access Control Design Considerations

Which Intelligent Controller/Kit to Use:

1501 (2 Reader - 1 Door) 

  • Least expensive 
  • Small Systems
  • Supports up to 16 readers per controller
  • In/Out reader on one door
  • In turnstiles
  • Edge 

1502 (2 Reader - 2 Door, 8 Inputs/4 Outputs) 

  • General purpose
  • Best value (if you can use the additional readers, inputs, and outputs) 
  • Supports up to 64 readers per controller 

2500 (0 Reader)

  • Very high user count
  • FIPS/TWIC applications

4502 (2 Reader - 2 Door, 9 Inputs/4 Outputs) 

  • Very high user count
  • FIPS/TWIC applications
  • Ability to run 3rd party applications 

Picking Credential Technologies: 

Use Multi-Technology Readers with Mobile Enabled

  • Order readers from BluB0X to get them shipped with BluB0X Mob key preconfigured 

HID vs Allegion vs FarPointe

  • This drives the type of reader required
  • Does not have to be single technology 
  • BluID + Card + Fob + Pin 
  • HID/ASSA Abloy
    • Most common
      • Use for Commercial Real Estate vertical to achieve the greatest change of card compatibility 
    • Cards, Readers and Locks
    • Must use with ASSA Abloy integrated lock sets
    • Supports MiFARE CSN (for visitor credentials) 
  • Allegion
    • Cards, Readers and Locks
    • Must use with Allegion integrated lock sets
    • Supports MiFARE CSN (for visitor credentials)
    • Does not have a mobile credential solution
    • Have a smartphone
  • FarPointe
    • Cards and Readers
    • Least expensive
    • Excellent support
    • Does not have a multi-technology reader
      • Do not use with CRE vertical

Future-Proofing your Enclosures:

  • Leave room for expansion

Consider Integrated Locks Sets:

Power Management:

System Design:

  • Edge vs Central
  • Grouping panels vs distributing
  • Using IP or RS-485 for panel communications 

Information You Need to put a Quote Together

  • Project name
  • Scope of project
  • Facility-specific information based on vertical
  • Floor plans
  • System design
  • Architecture of systems
  • Edge
  • Central
  • Both
  • Lock Power
  • Power Management 
  • # of Readers
  • # of People (Users) 
  • # of Credentials (more than # of people) 
  • Location of panels
  • Credential types
  • Card formats
  • Reader types
  • Square feet of facility
  • Database integration
  • Single Sign-On integration
  • Badging requirements
  • Special considerations
  • Compliance
  • ADA
  • PCI (credit cards)
  • NIST
  • UL
  • UL List product required?
  • Does jurisdiction require UL site inspection?
  • Internet Connectivity
  • How connected
  • Bandwidth
  • IT Approval
  • Outbound port requirement
  • Terms and Conditions


  • Readers
  • Access Control Kits
  • Edge 
  • Edge Kits
  • Central
  • Access Control Kits
  • Reader Expansion Kits
  • Additional SIO Boards
  • Locks
  • REX - Request to Exit
  • Credentials
  • BluID - One Time
  • Plastic
  • Fobs
  • Door contacts/DPS
  • Switch router
  • Power Management Gateway

Professional Services 

Part # BluSKY License Description
800-5660 Database Construction Database Construction Service
800-5660 Database Conversion Database Conversion Service
800-8120 Training Services BluSKY Training
800-5710 Card Compatibility Card Compatibility Engineering

Please note the above Professional Services are available to purchase if you would like BluB0X to provide these services. 

Special Situations

  • Database integration
  • Single Sign-On


Part # BluSKY License Description
817-0100 *Platform Covers the use of the system's infrastructure, databases, and other basic functionality. Includes the ability for users with proper permissions to release secured portals or floors using a smartphone. (BluREMOTE)



*Reader Channel License for a reader


*Alarm and Intrusion Channel License for Alarm Points such as a door contact, motion detector, temp sensor, water sensor, UPS, panic button, etc. that is declared in the BluSKY databases.


BluID Credential (Bluetooth)

Permanent Digital Credential for Bluetooth-enabled smartphones- the phone can act ad the admission credential. 

817-1080 Power Management Channel License for one power management device. Provides for the configuration and monitoring of the device, automatic notifications and reactions to power-related conditions and remote access for system health, reboot, or reset. 
817-1120 *Intelligence

Umbrella license: provides features such as rule creation, analytics, notifications - distribution lists.

*Required License

Special Situations

  • Database Integration
  • Single Sign-On
  • Life Safety Management


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