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64 Door Edge PACS

System Overview 

64 Door Edge Physical Access Control System

How to Quote

To learn about what to consider and how to quote an Access Control system, please visit: 

Access Control - New System

Access Control - System Takeover

System Use


BluBØX Equipment, Software and Professional Services

Part # Item Description Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
751-2000 1501E-2R/6I/4O Edge Solution - Two reader/Six input/Four output system Included 1 $1,380 $1,380
751-3000 51E-1R/4I/2O-EXP Edge Solution - One reader/Four input/Two Output system add-on Included 62 $530.00 $32,860

Locks, readers, printers, credentials, exit devices, and labor are not included. 

BluSKY Licenses

Part # Item Description Unit Qty Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
817-0100 Platform* Covers the use of the systems' infrastructure and databases and other basic functionality. Includes the ability for users with proper permissions to release secured portals or floors using a smart phone. (BluREMOTE) Includes Photo-ID and Badge Printing.  per User  Included 100 $5.75 $575
817-1120 Intelligence* Umbrella License: provides features such as rule creation, analytics, and notifications - distribution lists. Includes System Health and Analytics.  % other Licenses Included 1 $1,895 $1,895
817-0320 Reader* Channel License for (1) Reader.  Per Reader  Included 64 $94 $6,021
817-0600 Alarm & Intrusion** Channel License for (1) Alarm Point (such as a door contact, motion detector, or panic button) that is declared in the BluSKY databases.  per Device Included 64 $15 $979

*Required Licenses

**Alarm and Intrusion is not required when there are no door contacts or other such alarm points to monitor. 

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