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28 Car DDE PACS - Readers Connected to DDE System

System Overview 

28 Car Destination Dispatch Elevator Physical Access Control System - Readers Connected to DDE System

System Use

One Line System Diagram

BluBØX Equipment, Software and Professional Services

Part # Item Description Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
770-2025 25+ Car - 2 CPU DDE Kit Destination Dispatch Processor Kit - 25 Elevator Cars or More - Dual Processor System - includes BluB0X Destination Dispatch Elevator Integration Software - installation & commissioning requires Professional Services Item # 800-5125. Included 1 $42,500 $42,500
670-1463 FPO150-B100D8PM8PNL4E4M1  w P/S BluB0X E4M1 Enclosure - 24x20x4.5 - w/an FPO150-B100D8PM8PNL4 4A/12V & 8A/24V dual Power Supply, w/ 8 Class II, and an 8 channel lock control.  Included 1 $1,075 $1,075
460-0500 Power Management Gateway Compute Stick and Support hardware that supports communication between LSP NL2 (Part # 670-2000) or NL4 (Part # 670-2100)  and BluSKY Power Diagnostics.
Included 1 $360 $360
800-5740 Prof. Serv. - DDE Integration* Prof. Serv. - DDE Integration - Flat Fee Included 1 $5,000 $5,000
PS-15 Prof. Serv. - VPN* Prof. Serv. - VPN - Flat Fee Included 1 $400 $400

*One-time professional services 

Devices and Labor are not included. 


BluSKY Licenses

Part # Item Description Unit Qty Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
817-0100 Platform* Covers the use of the systems' infrastructure and databases and other basic functionality. Includes the ability for users with proper permissions to release secured portals or floors using a smartphone. (BluREMOTE) Includes Photo-ID and Badge Printing.  per User  Included 4,000 $1.68 $6,716
817-1120 Intelligence* Umbrella License: provides features such as rule creation, analytics, and notifications - distribution lists. Includes System Health and Analytics.  % other Licenses Included 1 $3,562 $3,562
817-0160 VPN* VPN service: Needed for monitoring and remote support for the on-premises security network. Also for certain features such as DDE or Video Playback.  per Facility Served Included 1 $500 $500
817-0780 DDE Support* Support License for the BluSKY Interface software to a DDE Elevator System. Mandatory anytime BluSKY is interfacing with a DDE System. per Elevator Included 28 $232.14 $6,500
817-0320 Reader* Channel License for (1) Reader.  Per Reader  Included 49 $99.22 $4,862
817-0800 DDE Keypad* Channel License for every DDE Elevator System "kiosk" or "keypad". (Required because BluSKY must manage every kiosk or keypad). If the kiosk or keypad includes a reader, a separate reader license is also needed. per Device Included 49 $49.61 $2,431
817-1080 Power Management* Per-Device Power Management License. Per Device per Facility Included 1 $240 $240

*Required Licenses

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