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Change Your Own Password


This article provides detailed instruction on how to  change your own password.

If you cannot login and change your own password, check out our How-To for resetting your password here.

If you are looking to change someone else's password, check out our How-To for changing a Person's password here.


  1. Login using your current password.
  2. Click on your account name, in the top right side of any screen.
  3. Under the new menu options, click Reset Password.

   Click to reset

  1. Enter your Email and Password, then reenter the new password in the Confirm Password text field. 
    • Note: Password must contain Upper, Lower, Number and Special Characters such as _$@(), etc.
    • Note: Your login email is required because it serves as your account name.


  1. After you have reset your password, close and reopen your browser, then enter your new password to log in again.
    • Note: This resets your session token and helps keep your information secure. Otherwise you will encounter an anti-forgery token error, this is not a critical error but can be avoided by restarting your browser session.