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Change a Person's Password


Changing a password is easy with BluSKY. This article details the steps needed to change a Person's password.  Please remember that you will need to have appropriate Personnel Administration permissions to accomplish this task.

If you need to change your own password, check out our How-To for resetting your password here.

Change a Person's Password

  1. Log in and navigate to People. Main Menu-> Administration-> People
  2. Use the search criteria feature, then select the entry you wish to edit from the list.
  3. Use the editButtonNoText.png button in the lower left hand side.
    • Note: If the edit button is not available ensure that only one entry has been highlighted.
  4. Select the toggle to Change Password.


  1. Provide a password for the user.
    • Note: Password must contain Upper, Lower, Number and Special Characters such as _$@(), etc.
    • Note:  you can toggle plain view or generate a random password. Using the     or the    button respectively
  2. Confirm changes with the saveBtn.png button.
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