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BluSKY Solutions for Technology





Key Benefits

  1. Single sign on and automated database integration from multiple sources
  2. One security platform that scales to addresses the varying requirements of corporate HQ, administration facilities, retail banking centers, boutique offices, data centers and ATMs.
  3. Lower initial and total cost of security
  4. Peace of mind from cyber security and natural disaster threats, data loss and hardware failures
  5. Better and easier auditing and compliance reporting
  6. Audits with "teeth" based on data and usage
  7. 24/7 Deep Monitoring and notification of security threats
  8. Minimized false alarms at retail banking centers
  9. Better vendor control and vendor meet assurance
  10. Security management by exception
  11. Software enforced policies, procedures, audits and compliance
  12. Affordable Security Operations Centers anywhere and everywhere
  13. Better software, more often and without the upgrade headaches
  14. Better support and faster “time to fix"
  15. Easy upgrade from legacy client server hardware
  16. Continuous improvement of system capabilities

Key Features

  1. Cross System, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant Control and Administration
  2. Unified Security Everywhere - Access, Alarms and Intrusion, Video, Visitor, Vendors, Intercom, Biometrics, Intelligence, Reporting
  3. Cyber Security, Backup, Redundancy and Business Continuity Protection
  4. Real Time Remote Control from Anywhere
  5. Nonproprietary Portal and Floor Access Using Your Smartphone
  6. 24/7 Intelligence, Deep Monitoring and Notification
  7. Intrusion Detection, Video Verification and UL Central Station Monitoring
  8. Comprehensive Reporting, Compliance and Audits
  9. Integrated Multi-Biometric, Multi-Factor Person Reader
  10. Visitor and Vendor Management
  11. First Responder System Control and Monitoring from Anywhere
  12. Banking Center Keyless Entry
  13. Support for all WIFI Integrated Lock Readers from Allegion, ASSA ABLOY and Salto
  14. Security Operations Centers - Anywhere and Everywhere
  15. Open Hardware platform and RESTful Software API
  16. 24/7 AI based System Health Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics
  17. Hardware-as-a-Service and Equipment Replacement Program

Cloud-based with Local Hardware Redundancy


 Running in redundant Microsoft Azure data centers

 Best possible security infrastructure

 Redundant everything in each data center

 “Hot” redundant between data centers

 Automatic data backup – never lose data

 Automatic software upgrades with no downtime 

 Best possible cyber security protection

 Separate the people from the computers, data and network

 Available to everyone that is supposed to have access

Triple redundant Internet connection – fiber/hardwire, WIFI, cellular

Local hardware continues to function regardless of internet connection

Unified Platform with a Simple, Intuitive Interface

AI, Access, Alarms, Intrusion, Video, Relay Elevator, DDE, Visitor, Vendor, Intercom, Biometric, Power

Simple intuitive Web interface

What everyone is used to

No operator manual required

Less expensive, more capable and fewer issues than with siloed “Frankenware” systems

One Database, One UI, One Event Clock – easy to learn

Can also integrate with other systems to leverage Deep Monitoring capabilities of BluSKY

Fire, BMS, Elevator, IT, etc


Non-Proprietary - Open Hardware and Software

Open_Hardware_Restful_API copy.png

Future-proof and never locked in

Mercury Hardware and Open API

Open, industry standard security 


Off the shelf PCs and peripherals

Flexibility to move away from BluB0X

All customer data is freely accessible and exportable to excel at any time by the customer

All hardware is reusable 

Flexibility to change service providers

Titan, Phoenix, Advent – Certified Resellers

MidCo, Sound Inc., Convergint could also support BluSKY

True Mobile Security – Control, Response and Management from Anywhere

Real-time control, response, status and management from everywhere

100% functionality – no limitations

ADAWATAB – Any device, Any Where, Any Time, Any Browser

Device and operating system agnostic

No software to load, manage or update

No apps needed for your mobile device


BluREMOTE - Portal and Floor Access Using Your Smartphone

DDE Datasheet_Final_2.jpg

Ability to use your mobile device to unlock doors, turnstiles, relay elevators and DDE and receive DDE assignments

Also provides remote control capability for reception areas, gates, parking garages and visitors 

Automated Database Integration and Single Sign On



Cross System Multi-Site Multi-Tenant Database


Connect 2 customer BluREMOTE_2.jpg

Unified Credential Management

Credentials.png XXXXX

All-In-One Person Reader - Multi-Biometric, Multi-Factor

Person Reader Main Image 125.jpg XXXXX

Integrated Video Delivered Everywhere

videoeverywhere.jpg XXXXX

Intrusion Detection, UL Central Station Motioning and Video Verification

Alarms_Intrusions.jpg XXXXX

AI-Based Deep Monitoring and Notification

XXXXX AI Image_border.jpg

Integrated Lock Sets Reduce Cost and Provide Depper Access Control

Expand access control deeper into the building 

Secure bathrooms, IDF closets, mechanical rooms, storage rooms

Wi-Fi Locks require less infrastructure and cabling making them more cost effective


Frictionless Visitor Management with Watchlist Integration


Easy, Fast, Secure Visitor Management

Most digital and physical credential options that integrate into access control system

Highest pre-authorization rate for fastest and most secure visits

Digital credentials delivered right to the guest’s mobile device

Integrated watchlist checks against Do Not Admit list in real time

Vendor and COI Management



Intercom and Door Release from Anywhere with a Virtual Master Station



Reporting, Compliance and Audits

One of the key requirements in the Financial vertical is the ability to demonstrate compliance. BluSKY makes it easy to do this with flexible and automated reporting that can be sent to any distribution list on any schedule. Additionally, custom reports can be created through BluCARE Professional Services and made available through the BluSKY interface. Audits are also made easier through BluSKY distributed administration where multiple people can audit portions of the physical security system at any time. The BluSKY Web-Cloud interface lets you audit from anywhere and provides complete system documentation and access to the portion of the system a person has been given permissions.


Audit Trail

Automated report subscriptions 6_9_31.png

Life Safety and Emergency Response



System Health and Power Management

XXXXX Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.26.05 PM.png

Easy Transition from Legacy


Conversion can be done over a weekend

Maintain card compatibility

We can read and reuse existing cards

Case Study – 11 Times Square

Technology References

BluSKY is best solution for Technology

Many installations throughout the US

Technology Reference List


Product Roadmap for the Technology Vertical


What BluSKY will do in the future is as important as what it does today and should be a major consideration when evaluating products. BluBØX provides continuous improvement to its products and BluSKY evolves rapidly through monthly software releases. For this reason we make our Product Roadmap publicly available for all to see and consider. We also receive tremendous feedback from our partners, consultants and end users that also becomes part of the product roadmap. If you have any good ideas for BluREMOTE or BluSKY please send us your thoughts to

Our current thinking for future enhancements to BluSKY for the financial vertical are as follows:

• Audits with Teeth

• Banking Center Keyless Reports

• Biometric Visitor and Vendor Processing

• Analytics

• Situational Awareness

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