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80 Camera System

System Overview 

80 Camera System

System Use

One Line System Diagram

BluBØX Equipment, Software and Professional Services

Part # Item Description Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
228-0600 BCDSF01-VA-15-6TB BluSTONE NVR - 24 Cameras - Small Form Factor - Core i5-6500 - Windows 7 Pro 64 bit - 4GB RAM - 128GB SSD - 6TB 7200RPM SATA - 180Watt - 1x 1GbE - 1.3"H x 6.9"W x 7"D Included 1 $2,075 $2,075
228-1100 BCDSF03-VA-17-16TB BluSTONE NVR - 32 Cameras - Small Form Factor - Core i5-6700 - Windows 7 Pro 64 bit - 8GB RAM - 128GB SSD - 2x8TB 7200RPM SATA - 240Watt - 1x 1GbE - 3.9"H x 13.3"W x 15"D Included 2 $3,902 $7,804
817-1450 One Time SW License - NVR Integration License - Per Camera** One Time SW License - NVR Integration License - Per Camera Included 80 $75 $6,000
PS-12 Prof. Serv. - Video Integration Prof. Services - Video Integration - Per Hr.  Included 40 $150 $6,000
PS-15 Prof. Serv. - VPN Prof. Serv. - VPN - Flat Fee Included 1 $400 $400

Part #'s 817-1450, PS-12, and PS-15 are all required one-time fees. 

*Milestone XProtect Corporate is included with all NVR's purchased through BluBØX.

**One-time NVR Integration software is required. This is our software fee based on the number of cameras to integrate to BluSKY. 

Devices and Labor are not included. 


BluSKY Licenses

Part # Item Description Unit Qty Incl/Opt Qty Unit  Extended
817-0100 Platform* Covers the use of the systems' infrastructure and databases and other basic functionality. Includes the ability for users with proper permissions to release secured portals or floors using a smartphone. (BluREMOTE) Includes Photo-ID and Badge Printing.  per User  Included 1,000 $2.50 $2,503
817-1120 Intelligence* Umbrella License: provides features such as rule creation, analytics, and notifications - distribution lists. Includes System Health and Analytics.  % other Licenses Included 1 $5,047 $5,047
817-0160 VPN* VPN service: Needed for monitoring and remote support for the on-premises security network. Also for certain features such as DDE or Video Playback.  per Facility Served Included 1 $500 $500
817-0660 Camera Local Recording* Channel License for the connection of one (1) camera to a local NVR for recording. Includes the ability to configure the camera and the video events in BluSKY. per Camera Included 80 $122.81 $9,824
817-0680 Camera Cloud Recording Channel License for the transmission of one (1) camera's video to send video events to the Cloud.  per Camera Included 80 $98.24 $7,860

*Required Licenses

**Includes the Milestone Care Plus Support 

You can have some cameras only recording locally and other cameras recording locally and to the Cloud. 

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