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BluBØX Edge Kits


1501 Edge Kits
The LP1501 Edge Kits provides the best solution for smaller or distributed systems. The ability to communicate over ethernet and to be powered by Power Over Ethernet(PoE) allows the installer to quickly deploy a system using the existing networking infrastructure.  With all of the convenience of an Edge System you still are able to support 17 Readers, 130 Inputs and 130 Outputs, depending on the SIO Boards you select.

Our kit listing also provides some insight into what is contained. See below for a quick break down of how we number and identify our kits.


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Edge PoE Kits

The kits are designed for smaller installations but can also be used as part of a larger system. In certain cases, wiring can add up to a major expense and major pain. The Edge PoE system help alleviate most of these headaches by being able to utilize the existing infrastructure or making the cable bundle a single Cat5/6. While these kits provide all of the functionality of BluSKY and mercury there are certain limits when it comes to expandability. 


Kit Includes

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # QTY Description
MR51e 120-2400 1 Mercury MR51e: One Door Controller Ethernet PoE/12V
FPO75-E1M 670-1310 1 LifeSafety Power two door power supply, includes enclosure

Ordering Information

BluBØX Order # Description
751-3200 Mercury MR51e Edge Solution One Reader/Four Input/Two Output System Add-On for Two Doors
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