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Connecting an MR51e


Connecting an MR51e to BluSKY is a little different than connecting other SIO Boards. This article provides detailed information for connecting an MR51e to an EP series smart controller.

We also provide more information on the MR51e here


The process for connecting the EP series controller is the same as usual. In this configuration we will be using a static IP configuration if you want to use DHCP, please contact support at and we will assist you with the process. 

Before you begin you should have:

  • Connected the EP Series controller to the network
  • Configured the Controller to communicate with BluSKY
  • Downloaded and unzip a copy of the MR51e Address Tool
  • Installed the MR51e
  • Connected the MR51e to the same network as the Controller using an Ethernet cable. 
  • Powered the board with either a PoE power Input 12.95W, 802.3af or -- 10 -14VDC
    • Note: Using PoE is no UL certified. 

With all of the above steps completed you are now ready to identify the MR51e on the network and complete the configuration. 

  1. Connect the device that will run the MR51e Address Tool to the network that will be used with the MR51e.
  2. On the MR51e set the first and second dip switch to ON. Then press the reset button on the board.
  3. Run the MR51e Address Tool you should see one or more devices in the Devices in Programming Mode window.
    • Note: Every MR51e with the first two dip switches to on will appear in the list.
    • Note: You may have to allow the program to operate through the firewall.
  4. Select an MR51e from the list.
  5. Enter the IP address the MR51e will use and then click the Assign Static Address button. Remember to save this number for the BluSKY configuration. 
    • Note: This will tell the MR51e to connect to that IP address until programmed otherwise. 
  6. Set the first dip switch back to OFF but keep the second dip switch set to ON.

Now the MR51e is successfully installed. We now will give the controller the means to communicate with this device via BluSKY.

  1. Log in and navigate to SIO Boards. Main Menu-> Setup-> System Setup-> SIO Board
  2. Use the  button in the lower left side to create a new SIO Board.
  3. Select the Controller that will manage the SIO Board.
  4. Select MR51e from the Board Type drop down menu.
    • Note: You'll notice that the Comm channel field is replaced with an IP field.
  5. Next, choose a Name for the SIO Board.
  6. Enter the IP address that we assigned with the MR51e Address Tool, in the IP Address text field. 
  7. Confirm the entry with the saveBtn.png button

As we do for all other hardware changes, we must go to the Mercury Test Tool. Located our controller from the list then sync it to push changes to the controller. 


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