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Create a Facility



Facilities are the physical buildings that utilize a BluSKY access control system. Facilities also contain the configuration for Floors, Elevators and Elevator Banks. This article details the steps needed to create a new Facility in BluSKY.


  1. Navigate to Facility. Main Menu-> Setup-> Facilities and Customers-> Facility
  2. Click the  icon to create a new Facility.
  3. Enter the name of the Facility.
  4. Select the System.
  5. Enter the Website if applicable.
  6. Use the Time Zone Info drop down menu to select the proper time zone.
  7. Enter the Address in the Address fields.
  8. Set Is Billable to Yes
  9. Set the default behavior for Forced Open Portal events​.
  10. Set the default behavior for Held Open Portal events.
  11. BluREMOTE Access Mode - No Override
  12. Geographical Proximity for BluREMOTE - approx. 100 is suggested
  13. Determine the default behavior of the Monitoring Points of the System.
  14. When finished use the saveBtn.png button to finish.


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