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Inheriting Monitoring Point Event and Alarm Behavior


This article covers how to set the behavior for handling Monitoring Point events and in particular how to inherit the configuration from the Facility or System the Monitoring Point is part of.

There are 3 ways to set how a Monitoring Points events are handled.  You can set it in the Monitoring Point, the Facility, or the System.  The Monitoring Point will override the settings in the Facility or System for that Monitoring Point.  The Facility settings will override the setting in the System configuration.  The only way the System settings will be used is if the Facility and the Monitoring Point to follow the System are set to "Inherit From Facility" or "Inherit from System".

Note: Any Monitoring Point that will be used for Rules must be configured to produce an Event or Alarm. 

Monitoring Point

Each individual Monitoring Point retains the ability to be controlled individually, but now has the option to inherit its behavior from the Facility. 

Note: These settings will override the Facility and System settings for Monitoring Points. The default setting for a newly created Monitoring Point is "Inherit from Facility".


The Facility is able to define of the behavior of all of the Monitoring Point's that use it for their configuration, but also provides an option to inherit the settings from the System.

Note: These settings will override the configuration in the System settings.  The default selection for a Facility is "Inherit From System".



The System provides default/fall-back behavior for Monitoring Points that have not been configured in their individual record or in the Facility record. This allows you to change behavior of all of the Monitoring Point that are configured to inherit their settings from the System.



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