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Create a Customer



A "Customer" is the organization that owns a "System". This article provides detailed instructions on how to Create a Customer.
  • Customers can only be created at the BluB0X or Integrator levels.
  • When a new Customer is created, other things are done behind the scenes automatically: 
    • A System is created: systems are intended to hold one or more "Facilities" (see below).  The system's name is the concatenation of the Customer's address and name - for instance "100 Main St. – Reed Smith Group".  
    • A Facility is also created inside the System: (think of it as a building or an office inside a building), and
    • An Occupancy is created inside the Facility: (Facilities can be multi-tenanted, so an Occupancy is needed to house the Customer).



  1. Log in and navigate to Customer. Main Menu-> Setup-> Facilities and Customers-> Customer
  2. Click the icon to create a new Customer.
  3. Select the Integrator from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the name of the Customer in the Customer Name text field.and assign it a Customer Number.
  5. Enter the address in Address 1 and Address 2 if necessary.
  6. Enter the City and Postal Code.
  7. Select the Country and Region.
  8. If the billing address is the same check the Same as billing address box, else repeat steps 5-7.
  9. Enter the Time Zone and Website.
  10. Below the map, you may also enter a Contact Email and Phone Number, select the Plus Sign.png to add a new email or phone.
  11. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png to finish.

Create Customer BluINFO Screen.jpg        

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