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Visitor Arrival Report



Visitor Arrival Report
The Visitor Arrival Report is an important report for any system with Visitor Management.  This report can be used by the security staff to help ensure a speedy check-in or by management to ensure the check in desk is staff accordingly. This article discusses how to run the Visitor Arrival Report as well as some of the uses for this report.

The Report

The Visitor Arrival Report provides the information most helpful for managing a facility with visitor management. This report shows important information about the visitor information, the host and the time of the visit. When running the report you are also given the option to filter the results to a particular visitor type or specific time period. Our customers use the Visitor Arrival Report to ensure that the proper procedure is followed and to monitor the status of the visitor in the Facility. 

Visitor Arrival Report


Name Description
Time Arrived The time and date the Visitor arrived at the Facility.
Check-in The time and date the Visitor was checked in at the Facility.
Check-out The time and date the Visitor was checked out at the Facility.
Registered? Yes or No depending on whether the Visitor was pre-registered. 
Last Name The last name of the Visitor.
First Name The first name of the Visitor. 
Affiliation  Usually where the Visitor is coming from.
Phone The phone number of the Visitor.
Email The email address of the Visitor.
Access Level The name of the Access Level assigned to the Visitor.
Floor The Floor/s the Visitor should have access to.
Group The name of the Visitor 
Last Name The last name of the Host.
First Name  The first name of the Host.
Affiliation  The name of the Host's Occupancy
Phone The phone number of the Host.
Email The email address of the Host.

Arrivals by Time of Day

The Arrival by Time of Day portion of the report provides a visual representation of when the most Visitors arrive at the Facility. This portion of the report is most helpful when staffing visitor reception.

Visitor Arrival by Time

Visitor by Type

The Visitor by Type chart shows the ratio of the different Visitor types to one another. 

Visitor Arrival by Type

Pre-Registered Status

The Pre-Registered chart gives a visual representation to the ration of pre-registered guests to unannounced visitors.  Some customers have found this to be an important metric when encouraging their Occupancies to pre-register Visitors. 

Pre-registered ratio

Top 5 Groups

The Top 5 Groups section of the Visitor Arrival report provides information about the most frequent groups visiting a Facility. This portion of the report is particular useful if different Visitor Groups need special accommodations. 

Top 5 Visitor Groups

Creating the Report

  1. Log in and navigate to Visitor Arrival Report. Main Menu-> Reports-> Visitor Arrival Report
  2. Click the "Please Select Occupancy" link.
  3. In the new dialog, select one or more Occupancy or "All Visitor in System: YourSystemName" and move them to selection portion of the form. 
  4. Once selected, click the  button to confirm your selection. 
  5. Use the From and To field to select a beginning and ending date of the report. 
    • Note: Depending on the type of query you may need to limit the date. This will help avoid a timeout from a lengthy query. 
  6. Optional: Add or Remove Visitor Types by click in in the Visitor Type field to add or the small 'x' to remove the tag. 
  7. Select the format you want the report in, either PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  8. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to generate the report. 
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