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Visitor Admission allows you to request and process visitors. This article will provide a reference for understanding the Visitor Admission interface.

Visitor Definitions

Name Description
Photo The picture of the Visitor is applicable.
Guest The name of the Visitor.
Badge Printed This will let you know that the badge has already been printed.
Affiliation Affiliation is typically the name of the company or organization the visitor is from.
Group The name of a group of visitors, example "New Employee Orientation".  This makes it easier to find visitors that are arriving together.
Host The Person who is hosting the visit.
Occupancy This field indicates the Occupancy the visitor is visiting, very important for larger multi-tenant facilities.
Floor The floors a Visitor is limited to or the Floor Stops they can access.
Access Level The Access Level that is being granted to the Visitor.
Status What is the status of the visitor.  There are three status's "Expected", "In", "Out"
Status Date The date and time of the current status.
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