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Edit a Visitor Instance


Visitor Admission is the primary means for checking people into a facility. In most applications this would be a security station that is charged with confirming identities and processing the expected visitors. This article provides detailed instruction on how to make the various edits to a Visitor Request, including how to assign credentials to a Visitor.

Add a Card to a Visitor

  1. Log in and navigate to Visitors. Main Menu-> Control-> Visitors
  2. In the lower left hand side click the EditBtnAlt.png icon.

Visitor Card Assignment

  1. Select the Card type in the lower half of the page. 
    • Note: In some cases there is a default card type and this field will be filled in. If your Facility is using only one card type and you want to specify a default card type, please contact support at
  2. Enter the Card information. This process will be different depending on which Card Type you select. 
    • If you are entering a CSN card type, you will enter the Serial Number using an unencrypted reader.
    • For all other Cards enter the External Card Number.
  3. Depending on the Status you will have three different options:

Pre-Registered, Assigned to Last, FirstName.

Reassign Visitor Card

  • This will take the Cards from another Person and assign it to the Visitor
  • If you are sure the Card is no longer in use, click the Reassign Card Button.
  • This can save a lot of time if a previous visitor's card was not reclaimed at Check Out.

Pre-Registered, Available 

Pre-Registered Visitor Card

  • If the Card is found BluSKY will attempt to complete the entry process.
  • If the Facility is using multiple Facility Codes you may be required to fill this field in. 

Card Not Found - Adding New

Create New Visitor Card

  • Enter the Internal Number 
  • Enter the Facility Code
  1. Enter a PIN if necessary.
    • Note: This will enable a Person to use a Reader with a keypad.
    • Note: Some Facilities impose a minimum PIN length.
  2. Use the User Flag section to add additional parameters to the credential.
    • EX: Using the ADA Timing Parameter, once configured, gives additional time to enter a Portal.
  3. Check to make sure the Start Datetime is valid, adjust if needed.
    • Note: This is especially important if the Visitor is arriving early.
  4. Ensure the End Datetime corresponds with the end of the visit. 
  5. Confirm changes with the saveBtn.png button.
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