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Edit a Delegated Point by Recipient



Delegate Points are used to grant access to common areas in the building or facility. This allows property manager to reduce administration of the access control system by allowing occupants to assign access independently. This article details the process of making edits to existing Delegated Points by selecting the Delegate Recipient column in the list view.

Remove a Delegate Point

Use the list view to Remove the Point by clicking the grayMinus.png button. When finished use the  shortCreateBtn.png button to save the changes.

Adding Additional Delegate Points

  1. Below the currently Delegated Points, click the  button to add Additional Delegate Points.

  1. The next menu will let you select the System, Reader and Floors you wish to assign, finish by clicking the button.
    • Note: You may select multiple Readers or Floor Stops by clicking in the selection field again.
  2. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to finish.
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