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Elevator Configurations


This training module walks us through the steps needed to configure an Elevator in BluSKY. We start by configuring the Facility with the proper number of floors, elevators and elevator banks. Next, we configure the database to match the hardware that operates the access control system. Starting with the Elevator SIO Boards and then moving on to Readers and Elevator Hardware. One we have the database configured we can use the Floor Stop sequencing tool to verify that BluSKY matches the physical s


This tutorial will assume that you have a basic understanding of BluSKY and how to install it. We will be starting with the assumption there is already a System and the Controller is already set up. If you are unsure of what this entails, please consult our Simple Two Door Demo. This short demo will help you understand the basics of installing and configuring a System for BluSKY.

Select the appropriate path below to continue this tutorial. There are many more on the way.

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