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Configuring an MS-ICS and MS-ACS Board for BluSKY

MS-ICS General Information

The MS-ICS Bridge is a multi-device interface panel that replicates the Pro Series access control hardware form factor for fast “screwdriverless” change over and easy migration of Software House® client infrastructure to any Authentic Mercury software partner solutions.

MS-ACS General Information

The MS-ACS is part of Mercury Security's bridging hardware technology for replacing the Software House ACM module that provides reader and door hardware interface when migrating to the Mercury platform. Mercury's MS-ACS board supports eight readers with TTL signaling (D1/D0, Clock/Data), 16 inputs which may be configured to support unsupervised or supervised alarm input circuits, eight output relays and eight RS-485 multiplexer ports for downstream serial devices.  The MS-ICS controller supports up to two MS-ACS units. 

BluSKY MS-ICS, MS-ACS, MS-I8S, MS-R8S Configuration Guidance

The MS-ICS has some differences from a standard Mercury Intelligent Controller (Ex. EP1502 and EP1501) that will need to be taken into consideration when configuring in BluSKY.  

  • The MS-ICS has 1 RS485 port and 1 MS-ACS Connector.
    • The MS-ACS connector is proprietary ribbon cable (MSP port 0).  You can daisy chain 2 - MS-ACS boards from this connector.
    • The RS485 is a normal RS485 connection (MSP port 1).  Though this connection you can directly connect 2 MS-I8S or MSR8S SIO boards.  You can daisy chain an additional MS-I8S or MSR8S SIO board off each of the directly connected MS-I8S or MSR8S SIO boards.
  • The MS-ICS is only a controller, it does not have any readers, so it can not be the first SIO board, like an EP 1502.  This means that you can start SIO boards with Comm 0, instead of 1.
  • MSP1 Ports:
    • There are two downstream RS-485 ports.  One handles the ribbon cable (port 0) that the MS-ACS boards are connected to, the other is the external RS-485 port (port 1) on the MS-ICS.
    • The downstream RS-485 port used for the ribbon cable supports two channels.  The MS-ACS boards will use channel 1 and any SIO connected to the downstream RS-485 ports.
For BluSKY configuration:

When configuring a controller in BluSKY:

  • You will need to select "MS-ICS" for "Controller Type"

When configuring the SIO board in BluSKY:

  • Select "Comm Address", Remember that you can start with "0" (Zero) since the MS-ISC does not have a built in SIO board like the EP series of controllers.
  • You will need to select the correct MSP Port
    • MSP Port 0: On the back plane, good to communicate with the Software House boards.
    • MSP Port 1: RS485, Used for communicating with MS-I8S, MS-R8S, and Mercury SIO boards.

EX. BluSKY Controller Configuration for M5-IC: