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Update LSP Server



Prior to configuring download the LSP Interface Setup file. 

  1. Using Program and Features in the Control Panel, navigate to "Turn Windows features on or off"
    • Turn on the MSMQ Server feature - MSMQ HTTP Support and MSMQ Triggers


  1. Navigate to the Services windows.
  2. Check if LSPInterface service is running, if it is, stop it.
  3. From Program and features uninstall old LSP Interface service
  4. Install new LSPInterface service. (Currently version
  5. Using LSPConfigurator or directly in LSPInterface.exe.config file put correct server id string. 
    • You can get this string either from the View of Remote Server of from LSP Test tool screen.
    • <add key="RemoteServerId" value="4D2957CE-BC2F-481F-8E70-3069B12E10AC"/>
  6. Make sure that the next setting value is empty ("").
    • <add key="ServiceBusTopicPrefix" value=""/>
  7. Install new version of BluB0x.ServerManager (currently
  8. In BluBox.ServerManager.exe.config file  put correct server id string
    • <add key="RemoteServerId" value="4D2957CE-BC2F-481F-8E70-3069B12E10AC"/>
    • This is the same string as in LSPInterface.
  9. Make sure that the value of ServiceBusTopicPrefix string is Empty
    • <add key="ServiceBusTopicPrefix" value=""/>
  10. Start both services in Windows Services screen.
  11. Install (if not installed the Team Viewer). Make a remote control setup with password newBoxer2013
  12. Write down the Partner id.
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