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How to Reset Auto-Save to Restore From The Last Saved Setting


How to change the Mercury Controller to use the Auto-Save setting "Restore from the lasts save setting"


There are 2 ways to accomplish this change.  One is from the Controller-door-floor diagnostic tool, the other is from the bios.

Controller-door-floor Diagnostic:
  1. Start Controller-floor-door diagnostic tool (
  2. Select your controller, get the controller id.
  3. In the "Command String" type "907 <Controller Number> 1 30 1"
  4. Select "Execute", This will make the change in the bios and save the setting.
  5. Select "Reboot Controller", This will make sure the setting is being used immediately.
  6. Select "Controller Info".
    • Verify the Controller Date is correct.  If not, sync the controller.
  7. Select "Auto Save Settings"
    • Verify that the setting should be "Restore From Last Settings"
      • Mercury Auto Save From UI.png


From Mercury BIOS:
  1. Connect to Mercury Controller and select Auto-Save.
  2. Select "Restore from the last save setting".
  3. Select "Save Setting".
  4. Select Apply Settings.

At this point your controller will reboot to use the new setting.
Mercury Controller Auto Save Setting.png

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