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Release Notes: 11-21-16

Feature Improvements

People View List
  • Improved the Person View List
    • Added common views (All, Basic, Standard, Extended...) that are found in the search criteria "View" pull down.
    • Added customized views.
      • Ex. Re-order columns by a simple drag and drop of the column header.
    • Expanded the Person View List to provide additional information at a glance.
      • Note:  The number of Roles and access rights displayed to 3.
  • Minimized false alarms by increasing the tolerance of internet disconnects between the Controller and BluSKY.
Distribution Lists
  • BluSKY Actors are a new member type that are placeholders in a Distribution List and are determined at runtime. This includes guests, hosts and account holders.
    • Ex.  A guest or host for a visitor invitation. 
Person Activity Report
  • Now supports dynamic multi-system reporting, improving the experience when managing multiple Systems and Facilities.
    • Ex. Users that have a base building and a tenant owned system in the same building can now generate reports incorporating people from one System, Portals from another, and Floors from a third.
Real-Time Events
  • Denied Access Events have additional information.  You can now see access details for Destination Dispatch Elevator systems, they now display information about the credential that was supplied. 
  • Improved multi-system reporting of events.  It will show a person from one system when they access a system from another building.
  • Added Video rules 
  • The Person, Floor and Portal pickers have been improved to give more flexible options for selecting report criteria.
    • The Person Picker not only lets you select System, Facility and Occupancy, but you can also include Vendors, Customers and Integrators in the search.  Note: You will only see the extra options if you have the correct permissions.  Ex. only an Integrator will see the Integrator option.
  • Removed the automated rules for capturing videos
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