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Release Notes: 09-30-16

Feature Improvements

  • The pop-up picker for People, Portals, and Floor Stops, now allows you to double click on the desired items to select them. This reduces a few mouse movements and mouse clicks.
  • Updated view list for Rules.  Please take a look at the new view list for Rules. What changes should you notice:
    • The Show/Hide Column feature has been moved to the Search Criteria screen.
    • You can now duplicate a Rule.
    • You can multi-select and change the status of a Rule from Active to Disabled.
    • Export has been moved to the bottom of the screen with the other action buttons.
    • All Columns are sortable.
  • Added the ability to pulse a Control Point. Now, a Rule can Turn ON, Turn Off, and Send a single pulse to a Control Point. The duration of the pulse is controlled by the "Default Pulse Seconds" Setting in the Control Point.
  • Added the ability for a Rule to execute a Procedure on a Controller.
  • Added the ability for a Rule to execute when the System (Controller or SIO Board) generates an event.  For example: An excellent rule would be to catch a controller going offline or the SIO board going offline.  See all the System events you can catch by trying to create a rule.
Person Activity Report
  • The Person Activity Report now displays only the selected Floor Stop for those destination dispatch systems that provide feedback. Currently this applies to Otis, TKE, and Kone. 
Real Time Events
  • Real Time Events screen will load faster.

Improvements & Fixes 

  • Operator activity now sends out emails.
  • The Access Report and Access Level correctly handles users that are in one system, but have access to another system's portals and floor stops.
  • Access Report and Access Level Report will show all floors in a Destination Dispatch Elevator.
  • Fixed issue where double clicking a notification redirected the user to the BluSKY homepage.
  • Logical alarms are cleared when selecting "Clear All Alarms".
People, Visitor Invitation, and Occupancies
  • People, Visitor Invitation and Occupancies view screens have been improved for the Show/Hide feature.  It will now let you select multiple columns at one time, then it will refresh the screen.
  • Fixed Occupant List issue not clearing all the fields when selecting reset link.


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