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Release Notes: 09-13-16

Feature Improvements


  • BluSKY Rules provides an easy way to add intelligence to any system. BluSKY comes right out-of-the-B0X with hundreds preconfigured rules that span all major modules. Some rules requires specific analytics and won’t be able to be used/activated unless the analytic is configured and activated. Users with proper permissions can activate existing rules or create any combination of their own rules. Rules can be Simple, or combined to be Complex. Rules can also be established across systems, facilities and companies and can easily be turned on and off and scheduled. Every event from local hardware to Intelligent Analytics is analyzed against the Rules in the Intelligence Engine. When a Rule is satisfied, BluSKY takes immediate action. This could mean sending a notification and video clip to a distribution list or automatically controlling the BluB0X Security system. Automated control extends across all applications and BluB0X Security System hardware. Most of the standard things that can be done through the BluSKY UI can by automated by BluSKY Rules. 


  • BluSKY Notifications provide targeted, event driven communications to BluSKY users, and beyond, as emails and SMS text. Notifications are used in conjunction with Analytics, Rules/Intelligence and Distribution Lists to communicate important system events to the appropriate users. Notifications are predefined as templates and can include implicit and explicit information from BluSKY. Notifications can include attachments and links to documentation and other websites.

Distribution Lists

  • BluSKY Distribution Lists (DLs) are similar to email distribution lists and provide the ability to easily, implicitly and explicitly, define and manage individuals and/or logical groups of people that may receive email or SMS Notifications or Notices from BluSKY. DLs can be owned by companies, systems, facilities or individuals. DLs can contain any combination of people associated with particular systems, facilities, permissions, locations and roles. DLs can also contain ad hoc individuals from outside the BluSKY database.

Upgraded View Lists (People, Visitor Request, Visitor Administration, Occupancy)

  • Each of the following view lists: People, Visitor Request, Visitor Administration, Occupancy, now lets you set the Show/Hide column setting all at once, then will re-post the search query.

Power Management

  • Added two new screens to the Setup Screen, Power Modules and Power Controllers
    • Power Controllers
      • This screen is used to configure the Power Controller (NL2, NL4, or NLR) to BluSKY.  This enables end-users and integrators to remotely monitor the vital signs of the LSP devices, like power voltage, temperature, etc.  You can remotely control Power Controllers outputs and can cycle the power.  This can save time waiting for someone to go onsite.
    • Power Modules
      • Use this screen to configure the power monitoring and controlling modules in BluSKY.  This is where you associate the Power Controller, its channel, to the Module Type (ex. FP075 or M8).
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