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March 2024

New Features

Interactive Maps
  • Minor improvements to enhance overall functionality and usability.15157.png


Universal Device Control (UDC)
  • Enhanced Photo ID feature within portals for better usability. 
  • Video playback improvement across modules for a smoother viewing experience.14753.png
  • New functionality for automatic data refresh of the primary device in the UDC component. 
  • Added monitoring and intrusion points display in the UDC's lower right corner. 
Dashboard Beta
  • New applications added to the left navigation, offering flexibility to place or launch apps on any page of the Dashboard.


Portal Beta
  • Integration of Snap24 into the Events Timeline on the Portal Beta page, enabling efficient event tracking and analysis.
  • Takes snapshots of every camera at set intervals, accessible on each camera's config page.
  • Allows viewing of snapshots in carousel mode, as a montage, or along the timeline.
  • Facilitates rapid camera review, enabling a full 24-hour review in just 48 seconds.
  • Provides scene analysis for object identification and quantification, part of an AI Autonomous Pipeline.


Elevator Car Configuration
  • Detailed configuration options for every elevator car, including passenger capacity, size, operating panel, lighting, power, ride comfort, camera, intercom, access control, floors, acceleration, deceleration, and door timing.
  • Lists all cars in a building and allows for the definition of characteristics for each.
Elevator Management System
  • Displays all elevators at a building level, showing their movement, occupancy, stops, and associated car name and bank.
  • At the bank level, shows elevator cars' movements, providing real-time location estimates and door operations.
  • Lays the foundation for future playback of elevator movement information.
  • Six new analytics features:
    • Person reader interaction by facility.
    • Person reader interaction by occupancy.
    • Person reader automatic recognition by facility.
    • Person reader automatic recognition by occupancy.
    • Video motion events by camera.
    • Person reader confidence score analytics by occupancy.
Data Lake
  • Added a drive and upload option in the left navigation under Data Lake for uploading any file type.


  • Enhanced file management and information search capabilities for uploaded files.
Server Page
  • Implemented hyperlinks for easier navigation to selected servers.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Various bug fixes and improvements across the platform for enhanced stability and performance.


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