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March 2023

New Features

Interactive Maps V2 - (Beta)

Left Navigation:

  • New left side panel for quick access to maps and devices. 
  •  Search facility and floor option. 
  • Option to drag-drop single or multiple floors at a time to view maps. 
  • Option to double click to add maps to view area.
  • Option to search in selected facilities. 
  • Badge count to show the count of devices for a building. 
  • Option to expand/collapse of building and floor for floor and devices overview. 
  • Gesture hint to indicate when a floor can be dragged to the view area. 
  •  Option to filter building and devices based on selected and displaying. 
  • Option to clear all selection of the devices and buildings. 
  • Option to resize the width of the left list for better and flexible view. 
  • Left menu shows the devices as folder for each of the floors for easy view.

Map Area:

  • Option to select from multiple maps for a building to view. 
  • Option to search devices from the active map. 
  • Option to clear search by “escape” or “cross” button. 
  • Search shows the hint in real time for the active devices. 
  • Option to remove the active map from view. 
  • Option to reload the active map. 
  • Option to see the info of active map. 
  • Option to view the map in full screen. 
  • Option to zoom in/out the map using mouse. 
  • Option to see the pre-view of zoomed map. 
  • Option to pan-tilt the zoomed map. 
  • Hover on devices to see the name.
  • Camera icons now shows the device status, “Online”, “Offline”, “Not configured”. 
  • Single click to see the device control options in Modal view. 
  • Double click to see the card control options on the right side.
  1. Right Sidebar:
  • Devices tabs to show the device control options for the selected devices. 
  • Option to remove/add device cards individually. - Option to clear all cards once. 
  • Card tab shows the count of added device cards on right side. 
  • Option to use the device control view in full screen mode. 
  • Option to add multiple device cards to the right side for quick access. 
  • Colour code to highlight which type of device control is active on the right side. 
  • Option to resize the width of the cards for better and flexible view. 
  • User can add up to 20 cards to view for the device control.

Data Visualization:  New Intelligence Menu on the top Menu Bar, this contains 3 sub-menus. 

Analytics :

  • The Analytics UI will show a list of summary data that a user might be interested in. 
  • The Analytics UI is like Reports UI, It will show a list of predefined Analytics that the user can choose from.

This has 3 types of Analytics:

  1.  People Per Facility - This shows a column chart of the total number of people per facility. 
  2.  People Per Floor - This shows a bar graph of people per floor for a selected facility.
  3. People Per Occupancy - Shows a bar graph of people per Occupancy for a selected facility
  • User can also create analytics and save them with a name, which you can later View.
  • Analytics Dashboard - this contains a collection of Analytics housed in a dashboard.
  • Reports - The existing Reports menu which was up on the main menu bar, will move here.


Video Analytics:


  • Abbreviated as “Region of Interest”, It allows user to define a specific region of a camera where they can run certain analytics.
  • In camera configuration page a "ROI" section is added, which displays a tabular view of ROI associated with a camera.
  • User can create a new ROI by clicking on “Add” to configure a ROI.
  • They can provide a ROI name in "Name" textbox.
  • Choose a color from the color picker.
  • Draw a polygon on video by making dots and line by left mouse click and drag.
  • To edit the polygon, they can click on View to edit the polygon, user can either change the vertex by left-clicking a coordinate or they can drag the whole polygon by right-clicking on vertex and move
  • "Hide other" feature is there which allows user to hide other polygons associated with a camera while editing.

Custom Analytics

  • User can configure rules for Video Analytics under this subsection, a tabular view shows list of rules associated with camera.
  • On click of “Add”, user can configure rule for camera.
  • On clicking “View”, user can edit different fields associated with a rule.
  •  “Analytics Type” represents what kind of analytics user wants to run.
  • “Object type” represents on what kind of object user wants to configure analytics.
  • By default, “Region” is "Full Field of View" else user can attach ROI's associated with a camera.
  • “Condition” represents conditions under which the analytics pipeline should show result.
  • “Threshold” represents a minimum or maximum value, based on the condition for the analytics pipeline to show results.
  • “Duration” represents a time duration for which the analytics pipeline crosses a certain threshold.
  • “Rule schedule” represents a schedule when a Video Analytics pipeline needs to run after a rule is configured, 
  • User can enable or disable a rule by toggling a switch to select whether the rule is active or not.
  • “Action” drop-down allows user to configure what they want to do with results of Video Analytics.


Camera Configuration

  • First map should be loaded in Maps and Locations section whenever the camera config page is loaded.
  • Option to highlight the device/camera when "View all devices" is clicked.
  • User can force the camera name to either BluSKY camera or the NVR camera.

Bug Fixes

  • SPA pages crash on selection.
  • Charts - Company owner permission issue.

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