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January 2023

Camera Configuration

  • Camera configuration now has the Video motion Schedule. 
  • View list now has the newly created camera / Recorder. 
  • Added increase/decrease button for Rotation angle, x-coordinate, y-coordinate in camera config page.


  • Make the fields sortable on Recorder View list page. 
  • Added more filters on Recorder filter page.
  • Verify FDQN (Media Gateway) is enabled back (needs LVSM version or more).

Maps and Location

  • Fixed Device scale down issue.

Personnel Import

  • Improved the Performance of the Add, Delete and Update of the personnel Import. 
  • Added a better progress bar for Personnel Import upload showing responses after every person is updated, deleted or added. 
  • Invalid hash file issue - Personnel Import resubmit file uploader will now check the file's validation status on BluSky Web - if it hasn't been successful (ie: Validation Error), only then will allow reupload. 
  • Mark the entire row in excel sheet if any item in the row is errored. 
  • Fixed empty line coming in the Personnel Import list page.

Bug Fixes

  • Consistent header information across various tabs in person profile. 
  • "Apply By Default" Roles are now automatically assigned for the New Person Created. 
  • Fixed : Filtering issue for System & Facility filter on Elevator Call Panels filter page. 
  • Fixed : Unable to upload Photo from Person Preference Page. 
  • Added Access Level & Access Level Group names to Access history logs on Person history tab. 
  • Fixed: When a facility is removed from the access point page in BluREMOTE, the page throws a null error. 
  • Fixed: Inside the watchlist risk level unable to do Audit info, icon keeps spinning and never opens. 
  • Fixed: Email notification doesn't get sent if the size of building image uploaded in the Wallet config is large.


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