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Release Notes: 06-28-16

New Features

Default Search Criteria
  • Now defaults to your System if you only have a single System to view. This change applies to all pages that have System as a search criteria. 

Person List
  • You now have the ability to delete multiple People at once from Person List.
Visitor Invitation
  • The Visitor Invitation screen also the new Person picker for designating a Person as the host. 
  • The emails sent as confirmation no longer includes the name of the Facility.
Person Activity Report
  • Now displays the time zone for the report.
  • The Person Activity report also has a brand new Person picker.
Destination Keypad
  • Added the ability to rename the keypad after it has been created. 

Improvements & Fixes

Forgot My Password
  • The forgot my password email will now be sent even if the person has not replied to their original confirmation email.
  • Occupants can now delegate Portals and Floor Stops
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