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The Senior Management Team

Patrick Barry
Pat deCavaignac
Sean Dyer
Simon Goldshmid


Pat Barry and Pat deCavaignac

PB – Visionary

PdC – Operator


Sean Dyer and Dr. Simon Goldshmid

SD – Software Architect

SG – Hardware Architect


BluBØX has a strong Senior Management Team with an excellent track record.

4 of BluBØX’s senior management members created the first hosted system for the security industry in Year 2001 and developed a recurring revenue model that sold very successfully in the marketplace.

2 bring to the team a rich and different perspective on technology and the security industry.

Pat Barry, the CEO and Pat deCavaignac, the COO were partners in the previous business, one bringing the vision, the other the operating background

Sean Dyer and Dr. Simon Goldshmid were responsible for the design and engineering of the prior system and work as a team on BluBØX products.

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