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The BluBØX Team

The BluBØX Team
  • 27 BØXERS

    • 6 – Senior Management

    • 4 – Sales and Marketing

    • 11 – Product Development

    • 6 - Operations

  • 75% of the team has worked together for many years

  • Developed first SaaS, enterprise-class hosted security

  • 2nd time building a cloud solution for the security industry

  • Experience building a company to deliver PSaaS

  • Experience building a company to deliver biometrics


The entire BluBØX team is made up of 27 contributors.

There are 6 in Senior Management, 4 in Sales and Marketing, 11 in Product Development and 6 in Operations

Senior Management is very involved in doing the day to day work of the company.

Sales and Marketing includes Regional Sales Managers, Inside Sales and Marketing.

Product Development includes Software Development, Hardware Development and Integrations and Person Reader Algorithm Development

Operations includes Professional Services, Support, Training and Documentation, Q/A, Materials Management and Finance.

75% of the team has worked together for many years in a previous company called Touchcom.

Between 1999 and 2011 they, developed, sold and supported the industry’s first enterprise-class hosted security system using an as-a-service recurring revenue business model.

So the majority of the BluBØX team has a lot of experience building a company to deliver physical security as-a-service.

The other portion of the BluBØX team has tremendous experience building, selling and fielding video analytics and iris and face biometric systems.

It is these two core competencies that position the BluBØX team to be able to create game changing products and services in those two areas.

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