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BluBØX v. Amag



BluBØX is comprised of a team that has worked together for 15 years and who has delivered exceptional results and ROI in a similar business.  The Board of Directors and Advisors add an additional dimension of industry experience.  The combined team’s experience covers all areas of the business.  BluBØX pursues a high margin recurring revenue business model that provides stability and an engine for growth and cash flow.  BluBØX is in the business of developing proprietary, unique and high barrier to entry software for the security industry.  The products and services are sold through a third party integrator channel that it is developing.  BluBØX seeks to maintain a very low overhead by leveraging technology, utilizing low/no cost solutions, virtualizing the business in the Cloud and leveraging the Do-It-Yourself business model.  As a result its profitability scales really well with its growth.  Additionally the tools, framework, architecture and methodologies chosen to build the product permits tremendous velocity and market agility which has a very positive impact on intellectual property, value, brand and reputation. The BluBØX business model provides a low risk environment for core contributors and investors.  It is investment friendly and seeks to provide a rewarding experience and a high return on investment. 

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