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BluBØX Software Overview

This is our second company/product that is fully cloud-based 

  • Original product was OneFacility
    • Started development on that in 1999 and went live in early 2001
    • Developed in Classic ASP, ActiveX, C++ and SQL Server 2000
    • Hosted in a private cloud in two different data centers (US and Europe)
    • Enterprise-ready application with over 30 integrated modules including Facility Management, Alarms, Emergency Preparedness, Incident Management, Access Control, Visitor Management and Video
  • Current product is called BluSKY
    • Started development in early 2014
    • Developed using latest Microsoft technology stack (more later)
    • Hosted in Microsoft Azure – public cloud
      • Gives us HA, Disaster Recover, Scale Out, and Scale Up within minutes (and often automated)
      • Can be hosted in private instance on Azure
        • Examples include the Microsoft Azure Government or dedicated instance for Enterprise customer
      • Can be hosted in private on-premise instance with Microsoft’s “Azure in a box” technology
      • Could be migrated to other cloud providers with some minor replacement of cloud services currently provided by Azure
    • Enterprise-ready application, includes Access Control, Visitor Management, Real Time Control of Portals and Elevators, Real-Time Alarms, Notifications, IFTTT, Video, Biometrics, Destination Elevators, and others
    • Full localization support, so it can accommodate multi-national enterprises



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