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BluBØX Product Differentiation

Differentiators  BluBØX Cloud & Open HW Client-Server & Proprietary HW Client-Server & Open HW Cloud & Proprietary HW
Lower Up Front & Ongoing Costs        
The BluBØX Cloud – Hosted in Microsoft Azure        
Automatic Software Upgrades        
True Mobile Security – Mobile 1st & Responsive        
Real Time Control, Status and Events from Anywhere        
Person Reader & Integrated Biometric Security        
Unified Access, Alarms, Video & Visitors Everywhere        
Reduced On Premise Hardware and Software        
Cross-System, Multi-Site, Partitioned Architecture        
Freedom of Use        
DIY Security & Reduced Administration        
Open Hardware, Open Restful API        
Destination Dispatch Elevator Security        
Standard 5 Pt. Communication &  tification        
One Common Reporting Engine        
Analytics, Rules and Intelligence        
Virtual-Remote Commissioning        
Remote Power Control and Management        
Simplified and Virtual Support        


There are twenty major points of differentiation between BluBØX and competing security platforms.

The differentiators derive from 3 strategic choices that were made by BluBØX:  Cloud-Based, Mobile, and Open Hardware.

The first rating column is for BluBØX, which is alone in its category. The remaining columns are the categories of the leading competing vendor systems.

The second rating column shows how Client-Server based systems that rely on Proprietary Hardware fail to compete on nearly all counts:  Yet this is the architecture underlying most of the prominent systems in the industry today, like AMAG or Software House.

The third rating column shows a very small competitive improvement for Client-Server systems that support Open Hardware, as does Lenel’s OnGuard system.

This fourth column shows BluBØX’s product standing against Cloud-based systems that support proprietary hardware stand-up.  Brivo is in this category.  Even then, BluBØX stands largely apart.

It is evident that the formula has to be cloud-based with open hardware, and that is BluBØX.

Mobile first and responsive add a further dimension to BluBØX’s competitive standing.

And of very great importance is the enterprise-level architecture of BluSKY’s database.  body with a Cloud-based product has even close to an enterprise level architecture.

In summary, the product is truly differentiated, and in very fundamental ways.  The right platform and database architecture are pre-requisites for these highly beneficial features.   body has them today, and it will require any competitor to start from scratch to implement them. This is what gives BluBØX a three-year advantage over its competition.





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