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Investment Proposed

Total Investment - New Money  $2,000,000  
Proposed Price per share  $25.00  
Shares to be Issued for New Money 80,000  
Make-Up Shares ( for Q4-15 / Q1-16 Investors) 15,967 1st Round investors will have 32600 shares for $815000 invested = $25 / share
Number of shares issued this investment 95,967  
Total Shares Issued & Outstanding - Post-Investment 917,624  
Proposed Post-Investment Valuation (at $25 / share)  $22,940,609  
% Shares owned by New Money - post-investment 8.7%  
% Shares owned by 1st Round Investors 10.5%  


The current financing goal is $2 million. The proposed price is $25 dollars per share.  This will result in the issuance of 80,000 shares. 

The commitment to the shareholders who invested at $49.00 per share requires the issuance of an additional 16,000 shares. 

So the total shares allocated to this financing is 96,000. 

This will bring the total issued, reserved and outstanding post-investment to 917,624 shares.

This is a post investment value of $23 million for the company and the new money investors will own 8.7% and the total owned by all the new investors will be 10.5%



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