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Increased Cyber & Data Protection

Cloud architecture
Cloud architecture will take you there. And beyond.
  • Unlimited computing power and scalability
  • Unlimited storage, big data analytics and machine intelligence
  • Unparalleled communication and collaboration
  • Access 24/7 with any device, any where, any time
  • Automatic firmware and software upgrades
Client-server architecture
Client-server architecture will never get you there.
  • Limited computing power, limited capabilities
  • Limited storage expansion
  • Expensive hardware replacements and upgrades
  • Closed system, limited access, limited usage
  • Upgrade and service nightmare



Data residing on an internal network is
  • Passwords are shared, weak, and compromised

  • Data and databases are unencrypted

  • “Insiders” have more access and less controls

  • Limited or no redundancy

  • Limited resources to monitor and protect

The Cloud provides the best practices for your data security.
  • Strong password and biometric protections

  • 256 bit encryption to the core

  • Cyber security attack prevention

  • Offsite and off-network data storage Redundant data centers

  • Continuous monitoring, assessment and response



Identification Devices

87 %

People favor using biometrics for security purposes.


74 %

By 2018, the majority of personal devices will be using biometric identification.




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