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Initial Approach to the Market

Brivo Mercury Combo

Mercury & Brivo

Mercury based – no hardware to learn Brivo – Familiar with selling RMR and SaaS


Manpower Service

Partner with manpower services who have relationships with Fortune 500 end users

Person Reader

Person Reader

Focus on Integrators and end users that want to get rid of cards in their business


Destination Dispatch

We will build a better solution to this growing Base Building niche market and work with consultants, KSD and BOCA to gain market share


Remote Video & Alarm Cos

Focus on companies that provide monitoring services for alarms or video

Casi Replace

Casi Customers

Many Fortune 500 companies used CASI.  We will provide conversion to BluBØX through the M5 Bridge and a database conversion tool

Mercury Cloud

Mercury to the Cloud

Focus on integrators and end user that have Mercury based products that want to go to the Cloud.  Market direct and through integrators

Federal Government

Federal Government

Capitalize on the Federal government requirement to go to the Cloud and the large installed base of Mercury based product in the government

Core Verticals

Core Verticals

1st CRE, Condo, Tenants, Corporate
2nd Gov’t, Schools, Hospitals, Industrial
3rd Ports, National Infrastructure

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Market just VMS to the masses



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