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BluCHIP Hardware



  • Non-proprietary and Open

  • Plug and play IP systems

  • Mercury, Milestone, LifeSafety Power & Intel

  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 Portal kits

  • Portal, elevator and alarm expansion kits

  • Casi and Software House replacement boards

  • Person Readers

  • Destination dispatch processors

  • Cameras, video and video analytics processors

  • Card/biometric readers and wireless locks

  • All hardware monitored by BluSKY System Health

  • One-time purchase or “Hardware-as-a-Service”


BluCHIP hardware is non-proprietary and open and can be installed and supported by any qualified Reseller.

All systems are plug and play and IP-based.

At its core, BluCHIP uses Mercury controllers, Milestone recorders, LifeSafety Power enclosures and Intel processors. All hardware is available individually or as kits.

BluCHIP uniquely supports 100% of Mercury’s hardware and commands, as well as CASI and SoftwareHouse replacement boards.

It includes a line of Person Readers, Destination Dispatch Processors, Cameras, Video and Video Analytics Processors all supported by standard local hardware.

It supports Third party devices, such as card and biometric readers, wireless locks, cameras and alarms.

All BluCHIP hardware is designed to be monitored 24/7 by BluSKY System Health.

BluCHIP hardware can either be purchased one-time up front, or over time as-a-service.

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