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Can I have special codes for my vendors, such as our cleaning/maintenance personnel?


Can I have special access codes for my contractors, such as our cleaning/maintenance personnel?


BluSKY offers several options when providing access to contractors.

Responsibility for adding and removing access for contractors must be assigned to the building management company, the tenant/occupant or the vendor. Decision making is also required for specific access locations and times.  For example, "Does the contractor require access to certain floors or areas, only on certain days at certain hours?"

BluSKY has the ability to enable Card only, PIN only, or Card and Pin.  Administrators can easily customize access for each individual situation.

BluSKY can also restrict access to contractors whereby doors or portals are remotely released or secured by security or the administrator.

Please contact your integrator, BluB0X Professional Service (, or BluB0X Support ( to design the best configuration for your facility's contractor access requirements.

How to handle adding/deleting contractors
  • Contractors can be set up as a Person in BluSKY if there are only a few contractors that do not change frequently.  Setting up a contractor as a normal employee is also appropriate if there is very high turnover and you do not want to continuously update BluSKY.  
    • Ex: Internal auditors are scheduled to be onsite quarterly.  An "Auditor" employee can be established and the auditor will use this card each visit.
    • Ex: IT is outsourced, but one person is assigned to be on site in your building or occupancy for an extended period of time.  This person would use their access card daily.  
  • You can also setup a contractor as a Vendor.  This is a good idea when you have multiple people that might change frequently or you might change vendors.  An example would be a cleaning crew.  These people can be set up as a Vendor for the building or the occupancy.  This would enable you to give administration responsibility to whomever is most involved with the Vendor.  
    •  The Building Management manages the access if the vendor is used by all occupancies, such as a cleaning service
    •  The Occupancy manages the access if the vendor is only used by certain occupancies. 
    •  The Vendor manages the access if the vendor is large, has a high employee turnover, and you trust them.This would reduce day to day maintenance.  It would also make is very easy to switch vendors since you know each person who belongs to the vendor.
How to handle access
  • You can setup multiple schedules and access levels to get the exact level of security you need.
    • Ex: You have a cleaning crew.  They clean certain areas on certain days and between certain hours.
      • Create the following schedules
        • Cleaning Monday: 00:00 - 08:00, Monday
        • Cleaning Tuesday: 00:00 - 08:00, Tuesday
        • VIP Cleaning: 00:00 - 03:00 M-F
      • Create the following access levels
        • Cleaning Monday: Lobby, 1st and 2nd floor occupancies. Use "Cleaning Monday" schedule.
        • Cleaning Tuesday: Lobby, 3rd and 4th floor occupancies. Use "Cleaning Tuesday" schedule.
        • White Glove Cleaning: Penthouse and CEO offices. Use "VIP Cleaning" schedule.
      • Assign Access Levels to Cleaning crew
        • All Cleaning crew get "Cleaning Monday" and "Cleaning Tuesday"
        • Only the best trained and trusted cleaning crew get "White Glove Cleaning"
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