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Power Controllers



Power Controllers
Power Controllers are the smart internet capable devices that are used to remotely monitor LifeSafety Power equipment.

 Information:  The VPN / Remote Management Gateway and Power Management is required for solutions that include BluBØX Video Management Integration, Destination Dispatch Elevators or Person Readers. For more details please refer to the BluSKY Local Servers and Software and System Health and Monitoring presentations for more details.

Power Controller List Definitions

Name Description
Name The name given to the Power Controller.
IP Address The IP Address of the Power Controller.
User Name The user name used to access the Power Controller.
Password The password used to access the Power Controller.
Hardware Version The hardware version of the Power Controller. 
Firmware Version The current version of the firmware of the Power Controller.
CPU Model The CPU being used by the Power Controller.
Memory Description The total memory available to the Power Controller.

Power Controller Setup Actions

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