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Create a Controller



The Controller serves as the brain of the access control system and is also how BluSKY is able to make the connection to the physical world from the cloud. This article will detail the steps for creating a new Controller for an access control system.


  1. Log in and navigate to Controller. Main Menu-> Setup-> System Setup-> Controllers
  2. Use the  icon in the lower left side to create a new Controller.

Create Controller

  1. Enter the Name of the Controller.
  2. Assign the Controller to a System using the drop down menu.
  3. Enter a Description for the Controller.
  4. Assign the Controller to a Facility.
  5. Enter the MAC Address of the Controller.
    • Note: This address must begin with "MAC".
  6. Specify the Controller Type.
  7. Add the IP Address.
    • Note: The IP address is not used by BluSKY but can be useful for maintenance in the future. 
  8. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to finish.
    • Note: There are many more ways to configure a Controller the More...downArrow.png option will expand these options.
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