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Integrator Edit



This article will cover how to edit the Integrator's settings.

Integrator Definitions


Name Description
Integrator Name Type the name of the integrator being created.  The name must be unique
Integrator Number  

Address Definitions


Name Description
Address 1 The address of the Integrator, User, or Company.
Address 2 An additional address field for lengthy or complex addresses.
City The City.
Postal Code The postal code for the record.
Country The country.
Region The Region, i.e. State, Province, County, etc.
Website The integrators website
Map Select "get from address above", show a map of the integrators location

Contact Info Definitions


Name Description
Email Address Main email address for the integrator
Add Phone Main phone number for the integrator


Audit Info Definitions


  1. Review the integrators data.
  2. Edit the field you require.
  3. Select "Save" to save your changes, otherwise "Cancel" or "Back To List".


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