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Reports are an important tool when trying to track down a specific event and understanding how your System is performing.  They can also be a crucial part of meeting the needs of your business. BluSKY provides easy to use reports and are available in both PDF format and as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.
  • Access Denied Report
    Access Denied  Report
    The Access Denied Report provides information about all unsuccessful access attempts.  The report also contains information about the reason for the denial and the time the event occurred.  This article discusses how to run this report and how to use it to diagnose issues with a person's access rights.
    • Access Level Report
      Access Level Report
      The Access Level Report will provide details on each of the Access Levels, including who is assigned, which Readers or Floor Stops and the Access Schedules assigned to them for the specified System.
      • Access Report
        Access Report
        The Access Report provides detail on which users have Access at a specific Portal or Floor Stop. This report also details the schedule of that access.
        • Alarm Report
          Alarm Report
          While we hope that you never have to manage an alarm but the reality is that at times it may become necessary to review alarm history. These reports can help quickly identify problems or possible intrusion.
          • Audit Report
            Audit Report
            The Audit Report allows you to look into the past and analyze changes that have been made to BluSKY. This helps track down issues and enforce your Facility's business policy.
            • Delegates Report
              Delegates Report
              This report will detail all of the points delegated to other Customer/Occupant or Vendors. This report can be used to ensure that certain points are only delegated to the desired recipients.
              • Expected Visitor Report
                Expected Visitor Report
                The Expected Visitor Report is a valuable tool when managing a Visitor Management system. This report can help predict the flow of Visitors and ensure a smooth check in process when it counts the most.
                • Person Activity Report
                  Person Activity Report
                  The Person Activity Report details a Person's use of the Access Control System. This article discusses how the report can be used to manage a Facility as well as some of the options for creating this report.
                  • Person Status Report
                    Person Status Report
                    The Person Status Report details the person in the system. These detail include the permissions, Readers, Badge Templates and other important details attached to the person in the system.
                    • Role Report
                      Role Report
                      The Role Report is a listing of all of the people assigned to a given role. This report also includes information on the permission assigned to the given role. This article discusses some of the uses o the report as well as some of the options for crating one.
                      • Visitor Arrival Report
                        Visitor Arrival Report
                        The Visitor Arrival Report is an important report for any system with Visitor Management.  This report can be used by the security staff to help ensure a speedy check-in or by management to ensure the check in desk is staff accordingly. This article discusses how to run the Visitor Arrival Report as well as some of the uses for this report.
                        • Who's In Report
                          Who's In Report
                          The Who's In report shows where a person or visitor has most recently used their cards to gain entry. The report can be ordered by the names of the people, by most recent activity or by the location of the most recent card swipe. This report can provide important information about when and where people are using their card in the facility.


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