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Disarm IPS on First Card Swipe


Rules are a great way to automate your System. The different ways you can use Rules is endless. In this article we give you a few examples to help get that creativity going. In this example, we will demonstrate how to ditch the IPS Keypad and disarm the IPS System automatically when the morning manager arrives and uses one of her credentials.

Disarm IPS on First Card Swipe

The Rule depicted will disarm all IPS Groups when a successful Card Swipe is detected. In this scenario we have also created a new Schedule named, "Early Morning IPS Disarm." This schedule is used so that the Rule is only in effect between 7am and 9am, when the IPS disarms and Portals unlock automatically. You may also have noticed that we are not using an Action Problem Distribution List. This is because we do not want to report an issue if she swipes her Card a second time.


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