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An Occupancy is a company or organization that resides within a facility that is controlled by an access control system. A reference article to help define the fields regarding Occupants.

Occupant Definitions

Name Description
City The city the Occupancy is located in.
Company Name of the Company.
Country The country of the Occupancy.
Date Deleted Date this entry was disabled or deleted from BluSKY. BluSKY never fully deletes these records but deleting them does make them unaccessible. 
Date Inserted Date this entry was added to BluSKY.
Date Updated Date this entry was last updated.
Default Badge Template Badge Design most commonly used by the customer.
Deleted If checked, entry is deleted from BluSKY
Deleted By Who disabled this entry.
Facility Name of the Facility the Occupancy is associated with.
Inserted By Who added this entry into BluSKY.
Map Geographical Location of the Occupancy.
Occupancy Name of the Occupancy.
Phone Phone Number of the Occupancy.
Region Region, ie.e State, Provence, County, etc.
Street Address 1 Address of the Integrator, User, or Company.
Street Address 2 Sub address.
System Name of the BluSKY access control system.
Website Website of the Occupancy.
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