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The AD-400 wireless networked lock gives you many of the key benefits of a hardwired access control system without the wires. This allows you to secure doors that were traditionally difficult to run wires to in the past and increase the security throughout your facility.

Click to view:  AD-400_Datasheet.pdf



  • Open Architecture platform
  • Panel interface module ensures seamless Wiegand communication with your system:
    • AD-400 with integrated RS-485 software providers will require the use of a PIM400-485 Panel Interface Module which can support up to 16 AD-400 devices
  • Non-invasive installations for historic buildings and sensitive areas
  • Secure encrypted data transmission
  • Unique communication protocols that won’t interfere with other wireless networks
  • Patent-pending wireless feature that enables efficient centralized lockdown in less than 10 seconds while still optimizing battery life up to 2 years
  • Available in cylindrical, mortise, mortise with deadbolt and exit trim
  • Compatible with major brands of master key systems
  • Additional Wireless Devices available for remote, gate, elevator and portable (mustering) applications

Couple the AD400 with the HHD

AD-Series locks can be coupled, or authenticated, with the HHD. This provides enhanced security by ensuring that the lock will only communicate with HHD(s) to which it has been coupled. Once the lock has been coupled, the Coupling Password is passed to the device from the HHD during programming. This process will only need to be performed once as the password to couple with the AD400 will be stored in the HDD

  1. Connect the HHD to the lock using the HHD-USB cable.
  2. Click SUS Options.
    • Then click Connection Type and ensure the HHD is set to USB Connection.
  3. Press the Schlage button twice. The Schlage button will begin to blink red and the lock will be displayed on the screen.
  4. On the HHD, select Device Options.
  5. Remove the top inside lock cover.
  6. Press and hold the Inside Push button. Then press and release the tamper switch three times.
  7. Release the Inside Push button. On the lock, the Inside Push button LED will illuminate.
  8. On the HHD, select Couple HHD to Device.
  9. When coupling is successful, a message will be displayed on the screen. 

Putting the AD400 into Link Mode

  1. Press and hold the outer Schlage button.
  2. Create a REX event. This can be done by turning the inner handle and releasing it, while holding the Schlage button.
  3. After 10 seconds the Schlage button starts to rapidly flash green.
  4. When the lock exits link mode it will beep a number of times. This number corresponds with the frequency the lock is using.
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