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Information Security


This paper describes the information security provisions built into the BluSKY® technical architecture. It is primarily intended for IT professionals and others familiar with computer networks and information security, but it does contain a basic introduction to internet security concepts.

The topics covered in this paper include specific aspects of information security in the BluSKY® architecture and system design, as well as background materials on cryptography, firewall technology, digital certificates, and networking in general. Some of these topics will already be familiar to IT professionals and others who have studied information security. BluBØX has applied networking and application security best practices to the domain of cloud-based access control systems.

The scope of this document includes the following major topics:

•    BluBØX’s data center, where our web applications are hosted

•    The BluBØX control panel which resides at the customer premises

•    Data communications

•    Web browser client security considerations

•    BluBØX mobile application security considerations

•    Authentication, authorization, and accounting

•    IP networking considerations for data security

•    Cryptography



While this paper is intended to be a stand-alone document, some readers may have additional interest in either the BluBØX system or some aspects of information security discussed herein. For that reason, a brief list of BluBØX references is provided below. Footnotes throughout the text will indicate where readers can find more extensive documentation on particular topics.

The following additional reference documents are also available at www.BluBØ or by contacting BluBØX via sales@BluBØ

•    BluSKY administration manual

•    BluBØX hardware installation manuals

•    BluSKY Architecture and Engineering (A&E) specification

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