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100 California Street

System Overview 

Customer: 100 California St, San Francisco, CA

Type of Facility: Multi-Tenant High Rise Building - 289 K SqFt, 14 Floors, 15 Tenants, 1 Bank, 6 Elevators

Operational Date: 3/1/2016

Vertical: Commercial Real Estate

Installation Comments: 24-Hour Security, Integrated TKE Elevator Destination Dispatch, Tenants manage their own Employees, Access, Visitor Enrollment and Reporting

Details: One Line System Diagram, BluBØX Equipment and ServicesBluSKY LicensesMSRP Installed Cost

Installed Solution:
  • Access Control
  • Destination Dispatch Elevator Integration (TKE)
  • Visitor Management
  • 1,460 Users
  • 3 Portal Readers
  • 33 DDE Keypads
  • 33 DDE Keypad Readers





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