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Creating an IPS Group


An IPS Group is used to group IPS Points together. The IPS Group can then be defined to have specific behavior as well as making the management of multiple IPS Points so much easier.

IPS Group State

An Intrusion Prevention System(IPS) Group is used to organize individual IPS Points into an easily managed group. This article provides a resources for understanding the different states of the IPS Group.

An IPS Group will be in one of the following states:

IPS Group State  Description
Disarmed Neither  an interior nor an exterior point will cause an alarm if it is activated. The IPS group may be armed only if none of the perimeter points are active.
Fault The system is disarmed and points are in supervisory fault or offline.
Armed Away All points will cause an alarm after the exit or entry delays expire
Armed Stay  Only the Perimeter points will cause an alarm if activated.
Armed Instant  Perimeter points will cause an alarm if activated. Interior points will not cause an alarm if activated.
Entry Delay The system was armed and a point for which the entry delay parameter is set has been activated.
Exit Delay The system has been armed and an exit delay is in progress.
Alarm The system is in alarm and the alarm has not been canceled.
Alarm Canceled The system has an active alarm, the alarm has been silenced and alarm history is available.

How To Create an IPS Group

  1. Log in and navigate to IPS Groups. Main Menu-> Setup-> System Setup-> IPS Group-> Create
  2. Use the BluCreateBtn.png icon in the lower left side to create a new IPS Group.


  1. Using the Controller drop down menu, select the Controller that will manage the IPS Group.
    • Note: Using Retain will keep the field the same for subsequent configurations
  2. Select a Name for the IPS Group.
  3. Next, Configure the Initial IPS Group State, if needed, use our guide on IPS Group States to understand the different states of an IPS Group.


  1. We also want to set the Entry Delay Seconds and the Exit Delay Seconds to allow you to arm or disarm the IPS Group without a false alarm.
  2. The following Procedure fields can be configured to perform different action on IPS Group State.
  3. Next, there are fields for configuring SIA Communication, such as through a Keltron Dialer.
  4. Next there are three toggles to configure some of the behavior of the IPS Group.


  1. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to finish or the SaveAndNew.png to continue configuring IPS Group.

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