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Visitor Management


Visitor Management

Visitor Management Design Considerations

What is the process for processing/registering visitors?
  • Self-Serving (Kiosk, Tablet, Person Reader, etc)
  • Check-in desk
Picking Credential Technologies:
  • Plastic Cards
    • MiFARE
  • Paper
  • Stickies
  • Barcode
  • Does not have to be a single technology 
Types of visitors:
  • Regular
  • VIP
  • Temp
Access Control Tie-In:
  • BluB0X Access Control
  • Existing Access Control

Information You Need to put a Quote Together

  • Project name
  • Scope of project
    • Facility specific information based on vertical
  • Square Feet of Facility
  • Watchlist Integration
  • 3rd party Database Integration(s)
  • Badging Requirements 
  • # of People (Users) 
  • # of Visitors
    • Expected per month
  • Devices
    • Card Enrollment Reader
    • Driver's Licenses Scanner
    • Webcam
    • Badge Printer
  • Credential types
  • BluPASS
  • MiFARE
  • Plastic
  • Sticky
  • Paper
  • Reader types
    • Person Reader
    • Barcode Reader
    • Card Reader 
      • Bluetooth?
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Badging requirements
  • Special considerations
  • Internet connectivity
  • How connected
  • Bandwidth


  • Credentials
    • BluPASS
    • MiFARE
    • Plastic
    • Sticky
    • Paper
  • Badge Printer
  • PC/Tablet
  • Devices
    • Network switch
    • Card Enrollment Reader
    • Driver's License Scanner
    • Barcode Reader
      • Weigand Converter
      • Controller (EP1501)
    • Person Reader
    • Bluetooth Reader
    • Webcam

Professional Services 

Part # BluSKY License Description
800-5700 Badge Design Badge Design Service
800-5660 Database Construction Database Construction Service
800-8120 Training Services BluSKY Training

Please note the above Professional Services are available to purchase if you would like BluB0X to provide these services. 


Part # BluSKY License Description Instructions
817-0100 *Platform Covers the use of the system's infrastructure, databases, and other basic functionality. Includes the ability for users with proper permissions to release secured portals or floors using a smartphone. (BluREMOTE) Set to Qty of100



Reader Channel License for a reader For Access Control Tie-in
817-0820 *Visitor & Vendor Processing Visitor pre-registration, manually or via Excel upload. Visitor admission and badge printing, individually or in batch. Photo ID and Watchlist checking. Supports an optional drivers' license scanner to capture the first & last names and a photo of the visitor's license.  Enter # of expected visitors/month
817-0880 BluPASS Credential Temporary digital credential for visitors. A smartphone (instead of a card) is used for access through portals or to floors. BluPASS can be valid for one-time use only, or for a designated period of time.   
817-0940 Watchlist Integration  Integration with a third part Watchlist. Includes the 2-way interface to the Watchlist and the addition of the Watchlist data to the facility's own internal Watchlist Data.   
817-1120 *Intelligence

Umbrella license: provides features such as rule creation, analytics, notifications - distribution lists.


*Required License

Special Situations
  • Single Sign-On
  • Person Reader as Visitor Station (must include Person Reader license)
  • Barcode Reader (must include reader license) 


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