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Intrusion Overview

Intrusion Design Considerations

  • Is supervison required?
  • Is central station monitoring required?
  • Is a third Party routing of data required?
  • How many keypads?
  • Location of keypads?
  • Entry/exit delay

Information You Need to put a Quote Together


Professional Services 

Part # BluSKY License Description
800-8120 Training Services BluSKY Training

Please note the above Professional Services are available to purchase if you would like BluB0X to provide these services. 


Part # BluSKY License Description
817-0100 *Platform Covers the use of the system's infrastructure, databases, and other basic functionality. Includes the ability for users with proper permissions to release secured portals or floors using a smartphone. (BluREMOTE)


*Alarm and Intrusion Channel License for Alarm Points such as a door contact, motion detector, temp sensor, water sensor, UPS, panic button, etc. that is declared in the BluSKY databases.
817-1120 *Intelligence

Umbrella license: provides features such as rule creation, analytics, notifications - distribution lists.

*Required License